Medical Management Programs

With the Scripps Health Plan, you have the added value of special programs offered by Scripps Health Plan Case Management.

Case Management Programs

These programs are designed to provide nursing intervention and coordination of care for those patients identified with having long-term, devastating, or costly healthcare needs. The focus of Case Management is to identify the needs of the patient and help obtain medically appropriate care in a coordinated and cost effective manner. The nurse will work with the member, their family, community resources, and healthcare providers to reach the optimum level of care necessary in the treatment of the health condition. Please contact Scripps Health Plan Customer Service at (844) 337-3700 for more information.

Note: Our medical management programs do not replace the advice of your healthcare providers but rather are a compliment to it. The programs are voluntary and provided at no additional cost to you.

For the most up to date information regarding our Case Management and Disease Management Programs, please visit the ‘I’m a Member’ page of www.scrippshealthplan.com and review the Case Management section.