Member Services for Prescription Drug Benefits

Contacting member services is easy. You can find contact information regarding your prescription drug services below.

Retail Pharmacies and Choice90 Pharmacies

Scripps Prescription Drug Plan Member Services is managed by MedImpact. For inquiries related to your pharmacy benefit, please call MedImpact customer contact center at (844) 282-5343. (For specific questions regarding your medical, dental, and vision benefits please click the related tab on the left side of this page.)

(844) 282-5343

Mailing Address
10181 Scripps Gateway Ct
San Diego, CA 92131

Hours of Operation
24 hours a day, 7 days a week

Online Help

Many questions regarding your prescription drug benefits may be answered through the Internet by accessing www.MedImpact.com. (Please note that only information relating to the prescription portion of your plan is available through this site. Please click on the related tab to the left for specific questions regarding your medical, dental, and vision.)

Through this online tool you may:

  • Locate a participating retail pharmacy
  • Locate a participating Choice90 pharmacy
  • View formulary and preferred drug listing to assist in determining drug coverage and obtain cost estimates
  • View information on pharmacy benefits
  • Print prescription drug history