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Use the forms below to search for a provider. You can also use the chart below to find the provider networks available under the Scripps medical plan options.
For Medical Emergencies call 911.
To reach the Mental Health Crisis line, call (800) 479-3339.

Please Note: If you do not see a provider that was previously listed as part of the Scripps Custom Network, please call us at 877-552-7247 for assistance

Scripps Custom Network and Scripps Behavioral Health Network

The EPO option provides quality care through the Scripps Custom Network. Mental health and chemical dependency benefits are administered through the Anthem Blue Cross network of behavioral health providers. All medical care must be provided by a Scripps Custom Network provider and all behavioral health treatment must be provided by an Anthem Blue Cross provider (except in case of emergency or if a specialty you require is not available in the network).

The Scripps Custom Network and Scripps Behavioral Health Network offer a selection of providers located throughout the San Diego area.

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Network Plan:

Out-of-Area Network

This network is available to members of the EPO Medical Plan. Eligible dependents who live more than 30 miles from a Scripps Custom Network provider may be eligible to enroll in the Out-of-Area Plan. Care must be provided by the contracted national provider network to receive benefits under the EPO option. Eligibility for each covered dependent will be determined at time of enrollment based on the address submitted online at https://benefits.scripps.org.

The National Provider Network offers a wide selection of providers throughout California and the United States.

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Out-of-Area Network Plan:

Primary Care Physician (PCP)

Each Scripps Medical Plan member is required to designate a PCP from the Scripps Custom Network to receive the lowest PCP office visit copay. PCPs are doctors who practice in the areas of Internal Medicine, Family Practice, General Practice, Pediatrics and OB/GYN. Each covered member may elect a different PCP. PCPs may be changed the first of any month, provided election is made in the Scripps Benefits Enrollment Summary at https://benefits.scripps.org prior to the 14th of the preceding month. A PCP can provide routine, basic care and help find the right specialist when needed.

Scripps Custom Provider Network

The Scripps provider directory lists primary care physicians and specialists who have agreed to participate in the Scripps Medical Plans, as well as participating hospitals and other providers. Because the provider network is always changing, we recommend that you call the Service Center at (877) 552-7247 before scheduling an office visit to make sure your provider participates in the network.

Employee selects EPO Option EPO Medical Plan
Network Scripps Custom Network
Benefit Level Highest level of benefits
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The availability of any particular provider cannot be guaranteed, and provider network composition is subject to change.