Step Therapy Program

Save Money on Prescription Drugs with the Step Therapy Program

Step Therapy is a clinical tool used in your prescription benefit to promote the use of safe, effective and clinically appropriate medications.

Generic first step therapy programs require that patients try a generic alternative medication that is safe and equally effective before a brand name medication is allowed to be paid through the patient’s insurance.

If a patient chooses the generic medication option, the patient may benefit by having a lower copay.

How the Step Therapy Program Works

When filling prescriptions for patients, the pharmacist runs the prescription through the system. If the patient history shows that the generic drug was previously dispensed, then the brand or higher cost medication can be dispensed.

However, if there is no record of a generic drug being dispensed previously, then the patient must try the generic first or go through the prior authorization process. Prior authorization is a process where the doctor submits a medication request form stating the reason why the patient must have the brand name drug filled at the pharmacy, without going through the step therapy process.

Not all medications are included in the step therapy program. For specific information regarding the Step Therapy program contact MedImpact at (800) 788-2949